Tapered Arbor

Simplest form of inspection arbor. The taper is manufactured as spline or major diameter dependent upon the component datum criteria. Tapered arbors can be supplied inscribed with size bandings for component classification.

Rotolock Arbor

Designed and manufactured to customer requirement for inspection and heavy machining applications; turning, grinding, and hobbing of components where the spline pitch diameter is the datum. The Rotolock Arbor clamping is produced by three spline sections, two fixed and one rotating. The rotation is generated by an offset male to female vee and is manufactured to provide torc in the opposite direction of the machine spindle rotation. The arbor can be supplied with a spindle for hydraulic use or a manually activated locknut; both options can be mounted between centers for inspection use.

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Arbors rotolock

Expanding Collet

For inspection and light machining applicaions. The collet expansion is generated by a manually activated locknut and tapered shaft.

Expanding Key

For inspection and light machining applications. The expanded key arbor is manufactured with several expanding keys which when activated, clamp onto the major diameter of component.


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WPS – Oil hardening tool steel hardened to Rc 60-62.

WPX – A powdered metal high speed steel hardened to Rc 62-64; noted for its higher wear resistance without sacrificing toughness. Recommended for high frequency gauges.

WPZ – A powdered metal high speed steel hardened to Rc 64-66; extremely high wear resistance and moderate toughness. Recommended for master gears.

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