Concentricity Gauges are used to assist in assuring that certain diameters are concentric or a face is square to the spline pitch diameter. Western Pegasus manufactures concentricity gauges to the same tolerance of profiling, spacing, and runout as those applied to our composite gauges.

The Concentricity Gauge is a segmented design of three splined rings, with two outer rings fixed and the central ring rotating to lock onto the component. To obtain a quantitative value, a dial gauge is set onto the concentricity band of the ring, and the component rotated.

Concentricity Gauge Options:

  • Ring Type (for use between centers)
  • Plug Type (for use between centers)
  • Bench Mounted plug and ring type with fixed or Positional Indicators
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Concentricity Gauges concentricity ring and master plug


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WPS – Oil hardening tool steel hardened to Rc 60-62.

WPX – A powdered metal high speed steel hardened to Rc 62-64; noted for its higher wear resistance without sacrificing toughness. Recommended for high frequency gauges.

WPZ – A powdered metal high speed steel hardened to Rc 64-66; extremely high wear resistance and moderate toughness. Recommended for master gears.

Concentricity Gauges material wear resistance
Concentricity Gauges material cost life
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